Morning Prayer for Family

Lord, I want to discover the real foundational desires of my heart. Renew my heart, so that my desires are your desires resulting in fruitfulness and blessings.
You are great in all good things beyond measure. You have given us feelings so we can have a way to experience the good things that you have made available to us. Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness , Goodness, Gentleness, Self-Control.

Lord, I pray that you will guide us as a family, building each other up. Help us to be creative in that regard. I pray that you would use Isaac’s sharp memory for great works. Continue to build his faith and guard his heart against destructive influences.

Give strength to Jennifer. Cultivate her health and cause her spirit and mind to flourish.
It is my desire to be transparent and open, laying the foundation for a healthy relationship with Jennifer. Renew my mind and cleanse my heart. Help me to stand firm when my values are challenged. I will allow myself to grow in knowledge and understanding so that I will not be deceived because of ignorance.

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